Sustainable living experience in a renovated old Japanese house, kominka, surrounded by Sea, mountains, rice fields and fields.
Everyone's parents' house where you can worcate.

The magnificent Mt.Disen seen from the cafe,Sunset over the Sea of Japan seen from the west facing window,The fields are spreading in front of the house.

"Yodoe-no-yado Imazu-Tanakaya" is a guest house that has been renovated from an old japanese house,kominka.It's located in east end of Yonago city ,Tottori Pref,the beautiful Japanese countryside.

Near the guesthouse, there are the Yayoi village ruins, one of the largest in Japan, an ancient burial mound, a hot spring, the water spring that has been cherished for a long time, and the Japanese umbrella tradition hall of "Yodoe Umbrella", whose skill and beauty are attracting attention from all over the world. You can go to sightseeing spots such as Matsue, Izumo Taisha, Sakaiminato, Mihonoseki, Nageire-do Hall of the Sanbutsu-ji Temple, Tottori Sand Dunes, and the world-famous Adachi Museum of Art in a beautiful garden.

A total of more than 200 people have been involved in the cleanup and renovation after two years, and the old folk house, which is less than 90 years old, is still undergoing renovation.


While experiencing the transition of this old folk house, harvest and procure fresh and delicious ingredients in fields, the sea, mountains, etc., and experience a self-sufficient life together in a cafe or garden.


We offer a variety of experience menus that allow you to interact with local specialists, as well as an space where you can work and training.

 A place to create wonderful encounters and expand connections between people by cross-cultural exchange with foreigners,interacting with people who have the same interests,Interaction between urban people and local people,Interaction with people with the same interests, etc

◆A place where people who want to try new things can try.
◆A place where individuals can expand their possibilities by re-examining their careers and lives through various experiences and learning.
◆"Everyone's parents' house" that makes you want to come back regularly with "I'm home"

We are looking forward to your visit by preparing the environment aiming for these. 

The menu you can experience at "Yodoe-no-yado Imazu-Tanakaya"