“Everyone’s Home Away from Home”
Learn and experience about a sustainable lifestyle at Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya,
a renovated Japanese old house surrounded by mountains, ocean, and fields.
It is a perfect place for your workation!

Yodoe Inn – Imazu Tanakaya is a beautiful contryside guesthouse that has been renovated from an old Japanese house (Kominka). It is located at the east end of Yonago City in western Tottori Prefecture.


You can see the magnificent Mt. Daisen from the café and the sun setting on the Japan Sea from the west-facing window. It is also surrounded by vegetable and rice fields.


There are many tourist attractions near the guesthouse, such as one of the nation’s largest ancient ruins and burial mounds from Yayoi Period (3rd Century BC~ 3rd Century AD), hot springs, and villages with clean and pure springs.


There is also the “Wagasa Denshokan”, where the world-famous “Yodoe Umbrella” is made and its beauty and craftmanship are getting attention from the world.


If you go further away from the town, there are sightseeing spots like Matsue City, Izumo Taisha Shrine, Sakaiminato, Mihonoseki, Nageire-do Hall of the Mt.Mitoku Sanbutsuji Temple, Tottori Sand Dunes, and Adachi Museum of Art and its world-known beautiful garden.

Over 200 people have been involved with the cleanup and renovation of this nearly 90 years old Kominka during the past 2 years, and it is still under the process.


Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team!

While having a rare experience of participating in Kominka reformation, you can enjoy fresh and delicious foods from fields, ocean, and mountains and learn about the self-sufficient lifestyle. 


We also offer a variety of experience menus that give you opportunities to interact with local specialists. Our place is also suitable for workation and training grounds.


Yodoe Inn – Imazu Tanakaya is waiting for your visit by preparing the following environments.


A place to expand your connections by interacting with people from overseas and/or with the same interests.

    You can also meet with people from both the city and local areas.

A place to challenge new things.

A place to expand your potential by re-examining your career plan though the various experiences menus we offer. 

 “Everyone’s Home Away from Home”, where you can come back regularly and be welcomed by your “Family”.

Experience Menus of the Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya