Our Experience Menus


        1. Agricultural Experiences (Home Garden)

        2. Fishery (Fishing and Seafoods)

  3. Harvest and Obtain Ingredients Onsite

  4. Buy and Eat Local Foods

  5. Making Food From Scratch

  6. Cook


   11. Alternative Lifeline

  12. Think about the Ecology

  13. Traditional Lifestyle Experience


      21. Historical and Cultural Experience 

      22. Outdoor Activities

      23. Kominka Revitalization

      24. Laidback Experience

      25. Old Games

      26. Cycling


      51. Cross-cultural Interaction

       52. Regional Exchange 

       53. New Challenges and Presentation

       71. Workshops, Seminar, and Courses

       72. Business and IT support

       73. Workation

《 Authentic Food Experience of Japan 》

Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya is surrounded by ocean, mountains, farms, and fields. We even own our rice and vegetable fields. Using these geographical advantages, we offer a sustainable food experience of Japan. We strive to locally source as many foods and ingredients as possible.


Yoko, the owner of the guesthouse, was born in Yodoe and raised with a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle. She had left her hometown when she was 18 years old. After graduating from university, she lived in Osaka for 34 years and worked in the IT industry. It was the opposite of a self-sufficient lifestyle.


After coming back to Yodoe in May 2020, Yoko started her personal challenge to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. This required assistance from various local specialists. While doing all this she also kept working remotely in the IT industry.



Do you want to join Yoko and challenge yourself to a sustainable lifestyle? Feel free to contact us!

1.Agricultural Experiences
  (Home Garden)


We are going to implement traditional agricultural methods in our fields and raise as many grains, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, and vegetables as possible.



The guesthouse owner is also a novice farmer. She gets a lot of help from local professionals.


If you want to participate, please join us! Look at the yearly calendar and decide which types of crops you are interested in.

2.Fishery (Fishing and Seafoods)


The San’in area is known for an abundance and variety of life in the ocean. Thanks to Mt. Daisen and the surrounding environment. The Oki Islands are known as the fishing Mecca!


Centered around Mihowan Port, local fishing experts will take you to the best spots. You don’t need to bring anything. Even beginners are welcome!



With staff supervision you can visit a nearby fishery. You can see workers processing fresh local seafoods like Wakame seaweed, abalone (awabi), and turban shell sea snail (sazae). We also offer an opportunity to experience the work for yourself.

3. Harvest and Obtain Ingredients   Onsite



You can have rare experiences such as harvesting rice and vegetables from home gardens and fields, visiting neighboring fields and farms to get other ingredients, foraging wild plants and mushrooms, get your drinking water from local springs, and many more choices.


With the help of local experts, let’s get your own food and drink from anywhere but the store.



Looking at the list, please choose what you would like to do.


  Click below for more information↓

4. Buy and Eat Local Foods

There are some stores that sell local foods.

At Asuparu there are many fresh vegetables and fruits that were grown by local farmers. They even decide prices by themselves.


You can buy fresh seafood that was brought in from nearby ports at Shinsen Ichiba.


Every last Sunday of the month you can purchase famous Daisen chicken with very reasonable prices at Daisen-dori Bikkuri Ichi Market.


We hope you enjoy countryside shopping at these local markets.

5.Making Food From Scratch

Let’s get ingredients together and make food from scratch!


It is quite a rare experience to make soy milk, okaramisotofu and kinako powder, using homegrown soybeans.


Using our rice, you can try rice polishing (dehulling) and make rice flour as well.


We will also offer condiment making, dressings (ketchup, Ponzu sauce, and yuzu pepper), Kanpyo making

(marinaded soft bamboo), and tea making (biwa leaves and herbs).


Let’s enjoy BBQ and Nabemono using the local foods and ingredients! You will notice the difference in quality and taste!


We also offer classes to make Wagashi sweets, other desserts, drinks, and smoothies. These are made using fruits, vegetables, and rice flour you harvested.



We are also planning to have a cooking class and meal services taught by local and nationwide craftsman and foreign chefs who live in Japan. If you want to learn about local and foreign dishes, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

《 Sustainable Lifestyle Experience of Japan 》

In June 2018, Osaka had a large earthquake. This is also the time that Yoko, the owner of Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya was thinking about what to do with her parents’ home that just became vacant.

Two months after the earthquake, the typhoon also hit Kansai-area.

Many places lost power and many people who live in apartments could not even get water.

Yoko noticed how vulnerable the city lifestyle is. You never know when you will get affected by the next natural disaster. Maybe she should make a shelter in the countryside using her vacant parents’ home.

This is how the idea of an interactive and educational guesthouse was first born.


Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya is an evolving facility as well as the guesthouse.


Your ideas and/or participation are always welcome.


We hope that we can provide the place and opportunity to think about and showcase to people alternative lifelines (such as water wells and generators) and a sustainable lifestyle that will support people to survive through any disaster.


女主 洋子が18歳まで暮らしていた頃は、水は井戸水、お湯を太陽で温めるサンヒーターの付いたまき風呂、豆炭炬燵でした。現在は井戸水のポンプは壊れ、サンヒータはいつの間にか撤去、まき風呂は5年ほど使っていない状態です。災害時でも対応ができるよう、自家発電・蓄電・井戸水・サンヒーター・かまど・囲炉裏・豆炭炬燵・コンポストトイレなどを今後検討していく予定です。一緒に検討し、作り、使ってみましょう。







《 Rural Lifestyle of Japan 》

There are many pre-historic ruins near the Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya, such as “Mukibanda Ruins”, one of the nation’s largest Yayoi settlements, and “Mukouyama Mounds”.

You can learn the history and experience the ancient lifestyle at places like “Tottori Mukibanda Ruin Park”, “Hoki Kodai-no-Oka Park” and “Uwayodo Hakuho-no-Oka Museum”.


At Wagasa Denshokan, you can make a small umbrella-shaped lampshade with the techniques of “Yodoe Umbrella”, which its beauty and craftsmanship attract the people from all over the world.


Since the guesthouse is located between ocean and mountains, you can enjoy various outdoor activities as well.


Yodoe Project has been going on for past 2 years and is still on the process. This is the reformation of old Japanese house (Kominka) to what we call Yodoe Inn - Imazu Tanakaya now. You can join and have rare experience like reform the Japanese traditional house and making tea room.

21. Historical and Cultural      Experience

You can visit many ancient ruins nearby and learn about the ancient lifestyles and/or make an umbrella-shaped lampshade with the technique of the internationally famous “Yodoe Umbrella”.

You can visit these places by bicycle or on foot.


In the guesthouse, there are many history books collected by the owner’s father. You can learn about history, culture of Japan, nearby ruins, and facility before visiting there.


After the completion of our tearoom, we are planning to offer Japanese cultural experiences such as Japanese calligraphy, wearing kimono, tea ceremony, tea tasting, and Sou/Koto instrument playing.

22.Outdoor Activities

From the guesthouse, Japan Sea is only a 5-minute walk. You can enjoy marine activities like swimming, surfing, and stand-up paddle. Kaiki Onsen Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the area.


Mt. Daisen is only 30 minutes away by car. Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are popular activities around here.



In Kurayoshi, there is the Nageire-do Hall of Mt.Miroku Sanbutsuji Temple, which is known as Japan’s most dangerous national treasure to visit.

After climbing the strenuous level hiking course there are breathtaking views that await you.

It is 60km away from the guesthouse and takes about an hour by car.










宿の女主 洋子は、鳥取県西部ブランディング事業「大山時間」2020年2021年主催の「サイクリストの聖地化:サイクルガイド養成講座」に皆勤参加し、サイクリングツアーのプランナー・ガイドとして、地域の方と協力しながら、現地でのサイクリングをより楽しめるルートを開発中です。宿では、e-Bikeレンタサイクルも行い、気軽にサイクリングを楽しめる環境も提供しています。ぜひe-bike活用のサイクリングもご体験ください。

《 ライフキャリア支援 》

この宿の女主(おんなあるじ) 洋子の趣味は旅行。貧乏旅のバックパッカーで、海外では現地で暮らす人とのふれあいを入れ込む旅をしてきました。また生まれてから18年間はこの地で暮らしていたので、ご近所さんとは旧知の知合いです。そして、仕事柄、新たなチャレンジの支援や各種セミナー開催、個別ITサポート、経営コンサルティングなどを多くやってきました。また、2020年5月に大阪からこの地にUターンしてきてからは、毎日パソコンに向かい、リモート操作やオンライン会議で、テレワークをしています。そんな女主ならでは・・で提供できる体験をご用意しました。




淀江の宿 今津田中家は「みんなの実家」です。







女主 洋子の経営する株式会社ウォリス主催の IT経営講座(データベース活用講座・WEB作成講座・モバイル活用講座・財務基礎講座・経営基礎講座・マーケティング基礎講座)、起業経営模擬体験学習(BASG)、セミナー(IoTって何?・SDGsとは?・自己理解を深める)などをオンライン もしくはカフェスペースで開催するとともに、様々な方々の「得意」や「専門」を生かしたセミナーや勉強会なども行います。

72.ビジネス・IT 個別サポート

女主 洋子は、大阪で2006年会社を立ち上げ、資源の少ない小企業向けにIT活用・経営・マーケティング等の個別コンサルティングを行ってきました。ITを使った二度手間三度手間の解消、攻めの顧客管理、起業・経営する上で知っておくべきことの習得などを中心に、小企業の経営者や経営者の奥様、後継者やフリーランスの方、起業される方のサポートを行っています。お困りのことややりたいことなどお気軽にご相談ください。


2020年5月にUターンして以降、女主 洋子は毎日パソコンに向かい、リモート操作・オンライン会議を中心としたテレワークを行い、その合間に農作業などを行ってきました。各部屋や縁側でも仕事ができるようにネットワーク・テーブル・プロジェクター・モニターなどを揃え、デスクワークや打合せなどをしやすい環境を整えています。また料理人の方はカフェスペースのキッチンで料理を提供するなどのワーケーションも可能です。